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Dr. Ron & Paula Charles 

Historian; Author; Shakers of Nations for "The Jesus Way"

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Egypt:  The Garbage People:
            Rice & Water

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The Search
by  Dr. Ron Charles

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The Charles' have been involved for more than 30 years with humanitarian relief, international water purification, archeological investigations, and teaching and training in various institutions. These activities have taken him to over 50 countries on five continents. He is the author of seven books, of which his most recent work, The Search, is a culmination of more than 30 years of historical research. Throughout these years and travels, Dr. Charles has developed an undeniable passion for helping the underprivileged and needy throughout the world.

Make Disciples of all Nations...
Ron Praying for Kevin

India- Worship of the Elephant God.... But Jesus!

Framing a Church

About Dr. Ron Charles
  • Served as senior pastor for 14 years in Ohio and Georgia
  • Served as missionary to Albania for 6 years
  • Has served as archaeological missionary to the Middle East for 27 years
  • Visited over 60 countries; led archaeological investigations and historical tours in 11 different countries; provided humanitarian aid to 9 different countries.
  • Presently working as archaeological missionary and humanitarian relief efforts in six different Middle Eastern countries.
  • Serve on Board of Governors for Cambridge
  • President of Middle East operations for Final Frontiers Foundation
  • President of CUBIT Foundation
  • Ph.D. in Ancient History
  • Th.D in Historical Theology
  • Awarded “Friend of Albania” Medal from Albanian Prime Minister (only American to receive such award)

Historian and Archeologist
Dr. Ron Charles
... be sure to ask him about the Noah's Ark Expedition seen on Discovery channel... it's is one of our favorite stores.

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  • Raised as a pastor’s son

  • Married to Paula for 33 years; have two sons serving in ministry.

  • Author of many books on history, theology and archaeology, some have been on N.Y. Times best seller list

  • Recognized as “One Thousand Great Americans” by Cambridge


Bags of rice delivered to widows in Egypt

Our Focus


Mission statement


With the perspective that "love is meeting people at their point of need, regardless of what that need may be,” (David Livingston), the CUBIT Foundation seeks to love unconditionally.

Our Purpose


Following the principle established by God in 1 Samuel 2:30, "them that honor me, I will honor," CUBIT's purpose is to honor the Creator through education and the practical application of compassion.


Our Core Values


   1. To provide the highest level of educational truth.
   2. To fulfill the principle of true religion as stated in   

       James 1:27, and to meet practical needs as   

        illustrated in Deuteronomy 10:18.
   3. To provide life-changing quality educational tours  

         that impact the destiny of each participant.
   4. To raise awareness of the plight of the world's

         oppressed, poverty-stricken and persecuted.


Dr. Ron & Paula
Ron and Paula

Brad Charles in Peru

CUBIT just recently completed a project in the mountain region of Huancabamba in Piura, Peru. The project was the construction of bathrooms for a school of over 400 students. Before the project this school did not have anywhere for the students to go the bathroom. Through the grace of God, CUBIT was able to hire local workers in the area to construct a bathroom facility complete with running water and sinks.

Now, the school has four bathrooms, two toilets for the boys and two for the girls. With the installation of the new bathrooms, sanitation has greatly increased at the school.

Children at the Albanian Orphanage

Dr. Charles conducts teachings on:
  • The Life of Jesus
  • Historical/Archaeological Seminars
  • Evangelism & Missions seminars
  • Islamic Cultural Studies seminars
  • Financial Management Seminars

Dr. Ron & Paula Charles

The Cubit Foundation

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Monroe, GA 30655

Phone USA 678- 662-6600

Office in GA. 770-267-8999